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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Okotoks Scrap Convention Make and Take

Hey there, as promised, here are the directions. I don't have pictures at the moment, but I will upload them in the next few days. If you need any further help, please email me at or call me at 403-939-1332.

1. Lay out your textured cardstock strips so that they are textured side up, and the piece that has three scoring lines on it is in the middle.
2. Apply adhesive to the two end pieces of your middle strip (they are 2"x4" between the edge and the score line).
3. Attach your other two pieces of cardstock, textured side up, so that the edges meet the scoring line, and you have a 2" overlap on the bottom.
4. Accordion fold your long strip on the scoring lines.
5. Adhere the first and last square to itself, forming a heavier piece to be the front and back cover of the flip book.
6. Turn the strip so that the textured side is against your work surface. Your piece should form a mountain shape with three folds facing up. If it isn't like that, re-fold your accordion the opposite direction.
7. Apply adhesive to the bottom only of the middle two sections. This forms the pockets for the tabs.
8. Fold your book up so that it makes a book, with three folds on one side, and four on the other. Now is when you attach the ribbon to be the spine.
9. Rub the ribbon firmly to make sure the adhesive is secure, and slowly peel away from the paper. Lay your ribbon down on the work surface so that the adhesive is up.
10. Place the book on the ribbon so that there is about 1/4" on either side of the edge of your book. Press firmly on the ribbon to form the spine for your book. Cut of the excess on the ends.
11. Now adhere your front cover piece, remember it's a different dimension than all the other pieces.
12. Apply adhesive to your other seven pages, including the back page, and adhere them to the pages in your book.
13. Do the same for the tabs, adhering the white cardstock to the patterned paper.
14. Attach the file tabs to the top of the pocket inserts, and place your flower on one of the tabs.
15. Add photos (mine were 3-1/4" square) and journaling. Decide on a title, if you want, and enjoy!!

If you have any more questions, or if you wish to receive a kit for this project, please email me at, or call me at 403-939-1332. Thanks for stopping by!

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