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Monday, January 11, 2010

Top Ten

So it's time for the first Top Ten of 2010:

Top Ten Reasons I am glad to be home!

1. My very own bed: there's nothing quite like it...
2. Eating real food: I can only handle eating out so much. After that, I'm done.
3. Starting Weight Watchers again: I gained 5 lbs on the trip to Texas, it needs to go...
4. The kids are back in their own rooms: And my daughter snores, talks in her sleep, and my son yells in his sleep. Talk about sleep disturbance!
5. Being able to do a full load of laundry: Have you ever washed anything in a hotel bathroom sink?
6. Routine: That says it all!
7. I want to play with all my new scrapbooking supplies!: I've been creatively deprived..... (well, not that much, I went and bought a trimmer and some basics so that I could scrap while I was away!)
8. I missed my animals! : Poor Fiona the cat, we came home with my parents dog, and she won't come down from the shower curtain rod in the bathroom!
9. Being able to have a jammy day: Well, I guess that ones for the kids...
10. It was time to come home! : Have you ever been on holidays for too long? I think it was the driving on this trip that did it, 6 days from Houston TX to home!

1 comment:

  1. After travelling (well, moving!) from the Yukon back to BC, I am not keen to ever do a road trip with my kids again! You are a brave soul! Have fun playing with your supplies!