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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Top Ten

This weeks Top Ten is brought to you by the letter 'H'!

Top ten reasons I love being on Holidays:

1. I get to sleep in: That's self explanatory....

2. All day doing nothing: Isn't it lovely to have no schedule?

3. There's no clock: Well, there is one, but all the numbers are at the bottom and it says "whatever".

4. Unlimited play time with my kids: I love being able to play with them and do whatever they want to do. This week James is catching bugs.

5. Eating: mmmm, all the great food, and cookies for breakfast!

6. Campfires: It's so relaxing to sit by a campfire, and stare into the coals and say nothing.

7. Scrapbook Stores: I love going to scrapbook stores in other places, to see what they've got. We went to Scrappy-Do's in Invermere yesterday. It's tiny but it's got some cool stuff. I picked up some Piggy Tales paper, which is really hard to find in Calgary.

8. My husband lets his beard grow: He looks so rustic, I love it!

9. No phone calls: There's a phone here, but no one knows the number, and my cellphone is dead!

10. Enjoying the great outdoors: There's always things to see outside.

Have a great week!

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